Florida Chapter

The dedication of the New York operations is now matched by a committed and growing force of volunteers associated with the Florida chapter. In addition to LLI’s home base in New York City, the Central Florida Chapter of LLI is well-established since 2013, offering annual campaign management courses. During the 2016 election, Florida LLI graduates were instrumental in addressing barriers to voter participation.

LLI has helped six students get elected to City offices in Florida, five of which were women in the Orlando area. Of the 162 participants of the LLI Electoral Academy course this past fall in our Florida Chapter, 93 were women.

LLI is the executive producer of the film ‘Let My people Vote’ based on the Florida 2016 election that disenfranchised 1.5 million voters mostly of colors because they had a felony conviction. The film, which is sponsored by the International Documentary Association, for which LLI’s Board President served as Consulting Producer, has already won three festivals for best documentary – Florida audience award 2018, New Orleans Best Short Documentary, and the Los Angeles Film Festival best short film documentary. We are currently adding the footage of the last election of the 2018 midterms to in which the law-disenfranchising voter was defeated in a referendum allowing 1.5 more voters the voting rolls in Florida. 

Scott Lanier is a member of the faculty and the President of the faculty union of the University of Central Florida and serves as the Florida Director of LLI. Scott was instrumental in developing the collaborative relationship with the University of Central Florida and maintains the highest standards for and continuous growth of the Florida Chapter.