Latino Leadership Institute and Columbia University Partnership

Last year, with the support of Columbia University Graduate School of Social Work and Social Work Votes, we were able to continue providing our electoral academy training utilizing Columbia’s Zoom services during difficult times.

Due to the great participation and success of last year program, we are happy to announce that the Latino Leadership has agreed with Columbia School Social Works and Social Work Votes at Columbia University to provide a hybrid program for all trainings and conferences in 2022.


CALENDAR: Electoral Academy
(“Electoral Academy” Registration Form attached.)
Dates: February 26th to April 16th at 10:00 AM.
Saturdays (order of classes subject to change.)

  1. Introduction U.S. Current Political Context: Jaime Estades, Esq. MSW Adjunct Professor Columbia, and New York University.
  2. Campaign Finance: The New York City Campaign Finance Board will be teaching this class
  3. Petitions: Jerry Golfeder, Esq. Professor Constitutional Law, Fordham University, Director Fordham Law Democracy Institute. Law Partner “Strook and Strook”.
  4. Message and Field Operations: Mike Nieves President HITN, Eli Valentin, Adjunct Professor Columbia Union Theological, Campaign Manager and Electoral Researcher
  5. Get Out the Vote Science: Steve Kramer, President GOTV Inc.
  6. Fundraising and Ethics: Jaime Estades Esq. MSW and Howard Jordan, Esq.- (Chair Political Science, Hostos College

CALENDAR: Public Policy Courses
(Registration dates to be announced)
Dates: April 8, 15, & 22. (order of classes subject to change.)

  1. Community Development: Prof. Hector Cordero Guzman, PHD, Sociology. Baruch College Research Director.
  2. Housing: Carlos Vargas, PhD. Political Science Researcher, Center for Puerto Rican Studies
  3. Environment: TBA

CALENDAR: Women Electoral Conference May 20.
(All day- Registration to be announced)

Everybody attending classes “in person” must show proof of vaccinations and available by Columbia University Health protocols. No exceptions.